Elise Higgins


Mar 14 at 04:44 AM

Hi, is there a drum solo playlist, or training programme? I would love to practice but not sure where to start, or order of combos/ drills etc Thank you 😊 Elise

Jan 09 at 12:39 AM

What dates and times are the live classes for this? Thank you!

Replied on How addictive?

Oct 06 at 10:58 AM

Well, I’ve not even  scratched the surface, but loving your beginners and fundamentals of bellydance,, I’m not a beginner, but these are so deep and give me new insight. Making small circles from the centre of the chest rather than the outside, is genius, and I can apply to other movements too,!  I’m also enjoying the yoga, I did the Yin  yoga today and loved it. I want to try some weights training soon, and Hula, which I used to practice., oh and Samba. I’m excited to try all the classes, even learn the Darbuka too. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop 😁



Sep 07 at 11:46 PM

I’ve just signed up, and the problem with Raqs Online, it’s sooo addictive! 😂 loving it!