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February 22

Hello Dancers!  Weve got a few new classes for you today. Check the "New Release" tab. And check out the new playlist 52 on building confidence.


Belly Dance Gold: Golden Er...

Continuing on with our Belly Dance Gold Series, today Sadie...
February 12
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Where this class .. I can’t found 🥹🥲

February 09
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🔥🍑 If havn't tried our twerk classes yet, check out one of our 4 new twerk classes, or find them all in one easy playlist with out new Twerkout Fitness Series! You will be laughing and sweating at the same time!

May 23, 2023

I won a belly dance competition for the first time ever this weekend. Thank you Sadie for being such an awesome teacher! <3

February 02
January 31

It's week 4 of the Shimmy Challenge! This Saturday we go LIVE to celebrate and learn some HOT new shimmy combos!

January 31

Sadie's new professional level drum solo is now ready for you to learn!!


Darbuka Passion: Advanced B...

Enjoy Sadie's professional level Drum Solo choreography!Music:...
January 25

New Turkish Psychedelica Choreography with Liz!! 🎉


Turkish Pyschedelica Fusion...

Learn this choreography HERE
January 12

Congratulations to all our week 1 Shimmy Stars! It's not too late to join the 30 Day Shimmy Challenge!  Join me live tomorrow for Shimmy Remix and to ask all your questions!🎉

January 25

Does anyone know of a video on here that helps with chest circles and moves ? I know there is one but it’s quite long and I was thinking more of a drill type of video as I understand the technique but want to train it more to get more flexible. Thank you everyone ☺️