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September 20

Check out the new classes of the Belly Dance Gold Series, Transitions and Momentum. I had such a fun time filming this content!


Belly Dance Gold: Transitio...

Enjoy this class in the Belly Dance Gold Series focused on...
May 23

I won a belly dance competition for the first time ever this weekend. Thank you Sadie for being such an awesome teacher! <3

September 07

I’ve just signed up, and the problem with Raqs Online, it’s sooo addictive! 😂 loving it!

February 24

You've been asking!  David just added for new drum classes with more to come! These classes do teach you how to play the tabla/darbuka but they are also great to refresh and learn the multitude of Arabic/Egyptian rhythms for dancing.

September 12
September 05
August 31

How are you liking the Raqs Sharqi Series so far? What else would you like to see?


Belly Dance Gold: Golden St...

Breaking down this beautiful fun, stylized turn, giving you...
August 11
September 28, 2022

If youre looking for a fun and engaging way to meet other Raqs Online members, share your dancing and practice videos, get feedback from teachers and members, then our FB community page is the place for you!

May 02

Hello Dancers,

We are so excited for the next Raqs Online challenge!

You can join the class this Saturday at 11am MDT

It's never too late to be a Digital Diva. In a world that is fueled by visual imagery, knowing a little something about this industry can help you in more areas of life than just dance.

Join Sadie for a fun lecture based webinar that will offer many tips and tools for creating beautiful digital media out of your dance craft, for both photos and video. After the workshop we would like to encourage you to practice by creating a video you can submit to be featured on one of our "Friday Feature" posts at Raqs Online.

This class will be great for you if:

  • You feel awkward, nervous or anxious in front of cameras

  • Want to try making photos and/or videos but don't know what to do

  • Feel dissatisfied with most photos and videos you take

  • Want some tips to enhance your creativity and impact

  • Want some industry tips and secrets to looking better on camera

  • Sadie's personal trade secrets

  • Advice on lighting, atmosphere, filters, etc

  • Need a personal pep talk to get you out of your shell!