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July 11

Hello Dancers! We hope you are enjoying a great summer!! We just released 2 new classes today. 4 more coming this month!


Belly Dance Gold: Fundament...

Raqs Sharqi is a lot like learning a new language. In this...
January 14
February 04

is there a way to make our own playlist? I keep doing that stupid ADHD thing where I go to start a video and get distracted looking at ALL THE SHINY COOL OPTIONS. Collecting videos i want to watch appears to be an entirely different hobby from learning dance

January 31

Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 Shimmy Challenge!!  

It was so fun to see your videos and dance with you at the lives!!  You did an amazing job and I hope you feel stronger, proud and notice better shimmies. If you're still finishing up, keep up the great work!!

April 21
June 09
May 18

Hi Sadie! I was just watching one of your amazing performances on Youtube and you did a couple of backbends I thought were really cool. Do we have any tutorials on backbends on Raqs Online?

April 21
June 28, 2022

It would be so cool if the site kept track of one's workout/practice history. From there one could look back and see what tutorial(s) they accessed on any given day instead of having to notate it individually on a external source (i.e. keeping a handwritten notebook of the tutorials done on a certain day). I know there are workout sites that have this feature; Nike training, for instance, keeps your 'history' -- even the free version. Any chance for something like that in the future to help students track their progress? Thank you. This is great stuff, and I recommend it to any student at any level. Happy dancing!