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April 20

Hello Dancers!Β  Take a few moments this weekend to dance and move with our new releases!
Next week we have some really fun Tahitian drills and choreography.Β 


Yoga For Back Pain

This Yoga flow was made with lots of TLC. Featuring back...
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April 03

πŸŽ‰Hello Friends!Β  We have once again updated all of our apps. Please delete the old app and reinstall to get all the new goodies and features including the ability to attend lives, customize playlists and create a calendar!!Β  Next week we will begin a new internal challenge feature! Get the updated app to participate.

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April 02
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March 14

Hi, is there a drum solo playlist, or training programme? I would love to practice but not sure where to start, or order of combos/ drills etc Thank you 😊 Elise

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April 09

Per user request, I created a pre and post performance warm up and cool down. These are great anytime but especially before a big event or show!


Performance Prep Warm Up

Do you have a performance or a big event or moment you are...
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January 12

Congratulations to all our week 1 Shimmy Stars! It's not too late to join the 30 Day Shimmy Challenge!Β  Join me live tomorrow for Shimmy Remix and to ask all your questions!πŸŽ‰

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March 27

Hello, would it be possible to have more Bollywood and flamenco videos ?,,

otherwise I love your site

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March 05

Love the new additions, would be great to see Hip Hop style added to the list!

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February 22

Hello Dancers!Β  Weve got a few new classes for you today. Check the "New Release" tab. And check out the new playlist 52 on building confidence.


Belly Dance Gold: Golden Er...

Continuing on with our Belly Dance Gold Series, today Sadie...
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March 04

Live Tuesday Tune Up tomorrow!!Β  Looking forward to seeing you!